Tree Status Update

Tree Field

Each year we have a set number of trees that are ready for market.  It takes 7-8 years to grow a Christmas tree to marketable size.  For 2014 the blocks of trees that we will be selling from are across the road. We realize that we do not have enough trees in the field to meet our current customer demand so we do ship in fresh trees from other growers as well. 

Trees available for choose and harvest in the field 

All trees are priced by the foot.  Prices in the field start at: 

Scotch Pine - $5/ft and up
White Pine - $5/ft and up 
Canaan Fir - $8/ft and up  

Precut trees from our fellow tree growers 

Fraser Fir, Noble Fir, Concolor Fir, Nordman Fir

All trees are priced by the foot.  Precut tree prices start at: 

Fraser Fir  - $8/ft and up  
Noble Fir  - $9/ft and up  
Concolor Fir - $9/ft and up  
Nordman Fir - $9/ft and up