How much will my tree cost? TOP

How do I get the tree home? TOP

Well, assuming you arrived in a vehicle capable of carrying a Christmas tree (which excludes motorcycles, scooters, Segways, bicycles and unicycles), we can secure your Dull tree to or in your car, van, SUV, truck or whatever. 

Our experienced staff will put your tree on a powerful vibrating tree shaker that will clean it of most loose needles.  Next, we'll pull it trunk-first through a baling machine that gently envelops your Dull tree in a strong nylon netting or twine, squeezing it into a compact and manageable package.  Then we secure it to your vehicle for the ride home.  We'll tie it to the roof of your vehicle or into the bed of your pickup truck or, if your trunk or interior cargo space is large enough, we'll put it there.  Regardless, we shake, bale and load your tree for you.  We're in our second decade of operation, so you can be sure that we know what we're doing.  Unfortunately, we can't come home with you to unload your tree, but then why should we have all the fun?

Can I put anything in the water to keep my tree fresher? TOP

Nope.  Don't add anything to the water.  There are additives on the market and some people swear by sugar, soft drinks, aspirin, all kinds of stuff.  It's all hype.  The plain truth is your Dull tree loves plain fresh water and lots of it.  Just keep an eye on the water level and make sure it never drops below the bottom cut.  If it does, the tree will send down sap to seal it off as it would any wound.  When that happens, it can't take up any more water unless a fresh cut is made.  So spare yourself and your tree the hassle - give it plenty to drink and you'll both be happy.

Isn't it bad for the environment to cut down trees? TOP

This is an excellent question and it comes up often.  The truth is that our trees are a renewable resource.  That means that when one is cut, another one or two gets planted in it's place.  One acre of Christmas trees produces the daily oxygen requirements for 18 people.  Real trees help control soil erosion and provide habitat for countless birds and other critters.

Our tree field is just like a field of corn or soybeans, it is planted to be harvested.  When you are finished with it, it can be recycled in a variety of ways, and will eventually return to the soil from which it grew.  Isn't it neat how that cycle of life works?

What kinds of trees do you have? TOP

For the 2015 season we have a great selection of Canaan Fir, White Pine and Scotch Pine trees in the field.  

In the field for harvesting, we grow
    Canaan Fir, Scotch Pine and  White Pine

For digging, we have 
    White Pine, Canaan Fir, Blue Spruce 

And in our pre-cut section you'll find premium 
    West Coast Noble Fir and West Virginia Fraser Fir and Concolor Fir as well as our own White pine, Scotch pine and Canaan Fir.

We will also have 3' Table Top Frasers Firs with a water stand already attached for sale. 

Can I get a live Christmas tree and plant it in the yard after Christmas? TOP
Yes, you can, but you must realize the limitations.  A balled tree (one that is dug up by the roots and wrapped in burlap for replanting) can only be in the house for a maximum of 5 days.  You must help the tree acclimate itself to the temperature change by warming it up over a 2-3 day period as you bring it into the house and then cooling it back down as you take it back outside.  Plant it as soon as possible, and yes, it will need to be watered.  A balled tree is very heavy to maneuver in the house, but there are ways to handle it.  We dig our balled trees only on order, so call a few days ahead, or come and choose your tree and expect to come back a few days later to pick it up.

I've heard so much about your farm, but I use a fake tree. Can I still come? TOP
Of course you may!  But be warned: the fun, the fresh country air and the heady fragrance of real trees may have you re-thinking your Christmas tree choice before you're ready to leave.  Watch the wreath makers at work, browse in the gift cabin or simply absorb the frivolity as families make memories.

Do you have anything for kids to do? TOP

We sure do! 

Up in the loft of the big red barn there is straw to play in and a slide exit. 

There is also the big slide in the hill out front.  Total length of the big slide is 120' - great for any age - cost - suggested donation $1 for unlimited sliding.

December 7th, 2014 is when the folks from the South Central Newfoundland Club bring their big woolly dogs to pull your tree from the field to the processing area.  Some pull a cart, some pull a sled, some hook into a tarp.  They work in tandem and by themselves.  Newfies are a friendly, docile breed.  They're hard workers and they love children.  It's a great photo opportunity!  You're invited to support the club's Newfie rescue efforts with your tips and donations.  

Garst Farms will bring his menagerie of critters out to the farm for your enjoyment.
Youngsters can sit around the bonfire and make smores or go into the cabin and beat Grandpa at a game of checkers in front of the fireplace.  Oh, yeah, there are also a lot of trees to play hide-and-seek in.

Do you make wreaths? TOP
We make fresh custom wreaths of all sizes for all budgets and offer you an almost infinite variety of combinations of ribbons, bows and other decorations to give your home or business an elegantly festive look this Christmas.  Please call ahead for extra-large wreaths.  We also make garland, mantelpieces, mailbox decorations, crosses, grave blankets and just about anything else you can think of.

How do I take care of my new Dull tree? TOP

If you're not immediately ready to set up and decorate your tree, leave it outdoors in a spot protected from wind and sun.  When the time comes to set up your tree, make a fresh cut on the base - just saw off the bottom quarter inch of the trunk.  This opens the tree stem so it can take up water properly.  Then put it right into a stand fill with fresh water. 
Fresh-cut trees are very thirsty.  Your tree will drink between two pints and a gallon of water a day, so it's essential to have a water-bearing stand that can hold at least a gallon of water or more.  Check the stand every day and add fresh water as needed.  Remember, if you let the water level drop below the freshly cut base of the trunk, a new seal will form over the bottom and the tree will not be able to drink. 
Your tree will be happiest away from sources of heat like fireplaces, registers, radiatiors or baseboard heaters and away from the direct rays of the sun.  Check all electric light and connections before decorating your tree and discard lights with worn or frayed cords.  Be sure to turn off all decorations before you go to bed at night and any time you leave home.  And never use lighted candles on your tree. 
Properly cared for, a Dull tree can stay green, healthy and happy from the day after Thanksgiving through New Year's Day!

What methods of payment do you accept? TOP

We accept cash, checks and debit/credit cards.  We only accept Visa and Mastercard.